ISCO-ME Company is a member of ISCO GROUP which has been a leading manufacturer and procurement company of equipment and material, servicing major Oil, Gas and Petrochemical projects in Iran during the so years. ISCO-ME is a privately-owned company based in Tehran, Iran. ISCO-ME’s strategy is to connect international companies to the opportunities available the region.

Vision and Values

At ISCO-ME we care about our employees, customers, decision makers, partners and society as a whole. Our values program is called “We care.”

Our values are an important part of our culture and contributes to promoting the conduct we aspire to at all levels of our organisation.

Our vision is: We deliver sustainable solutions

Our values guide us through each day as individuals, as a team and as an cohesive organisation. Through our “We care” values program, ISCO-ME is a responsible, visionary, open and flexible company.

  • Responsible

We are committed to health, safety and environment management.

We take social responsibility and carry out our activities in accordance with applicable ethical standards.

We are trustworthy and reliable, we create realistic expectations, we are result-oriented and keep our promises.

Our attitude to ourselves and our customers is based on mutual trust and respect.

  • Visionary

We help identify and find solutions to the challenges our customers face.

We want to contribute to a more sustainable energy sector by always seeking new ideas.

We focus on skills enhancement and have a targeted recruitment policy.

  • Open

We are open to dialogue and constructive discussion.

We are honest, provide clear feedback and encourage each other, as individuals and as a team.

We are involved and engaged through honest, open discussion.

  • Flexible

We are creative, adapt to the needs of our customers and are always available when needed. When necessary, we can also change course quickly.

We ensure that our co-workers can do their work safely and efficiently.

We listen to the needs of our employees and find solutions where desirable.