Through our specialist European business partner, ISCO-ME is able to provide cost effective and innovative field development and operation solutions to the Oil and Gas sector. This service includes core business development knowledge, commercial expertise and technical background across all aspects of field development provides a sound foundation for creating value and opportunity. ​


This allows our customers to:

– Identify opportunities realizing value creation

– Provide a sustainable business platform for Investors

– Develop marginal fields within project economic metrics

– Enhance oil production from producing fields


In this regard a network of known expertise is utilized in the following areas:

– Reservoir assessment

– Drilling and completion solutions

– Subsea development

– Production facility (Host Providers)

– Oil export solutions

– Construction management

– Definitive cost models


Further to the above, our dedicated team handles any challenges form day-to-day oil and gas operation of producing fields with innovative and state of the art solutions.